Cris has a deep underlying and overbearing involvement with Fashion. Whether publishing a pop-culture magazine in his early twenties in Munich, shooting fashion internationally later on, or designing and producing fashion accessories in New York and Asia, he tunes on to the finest aesthetic frequencies on the air during right now. A musical teenager, a media addict, a mind alterations engineer, a Bikram body, a blender chef, a bicycle driver, and a curiosity victim, Cris is learning how to juggle.

His team is designing, sourcing, producing, manufacturing, communicating. We envision, we feel, we style and live a certain chic welcoming world view which we really want to share. We are shape-shifters, juggling styles, and tasks, and ideas, but the shape always has to be tasteful, or it hurts. We are nomads, gathering information at high end world metropolises and then camping at the factories way out there to see how it’s coming along.

Design fashion and photography is a way for Cris to speak. He trusts the language of fashion as a tongue of self expression, social commentary, general space and time analytics. He is saying “elegant, but edgy and independent minded.” “Sophisticated, even luxury, but everyday, street smart, practical.” “Fancy, intelligent, attention grabbing, stunning, but definitely affordable, and young, and easy going, and playful.” He is looking at the world around him and people, who are involved in culture blender on many different levels and many different parts of the world. People who try to stay on top, stay in touch, but stay in tune and stay true. He pays homage to fashion as an art-form, but is looking for inspiration towards the streets.