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We are a design, development and production studio for fashion accessories, based between Bangkok, Guang Zhou and Hong Kong. Started in New York by Cris Weer, a fashion professional from Munich, the company found a strong foothold with the modern and efficient production facilities in South East Asia.

We provide solutions in third party fashion accessories, handbag and shoe design, product development and production. We can assume complete responsibility for a project from sketching, to sample making, sourcing, development, production, branding, advertising, marketing, or handle a specific part of an accessories production process according to our client’s needs.

Our clients include Walt Disney Signature (US) | Hue (US) | Kayser-Roth (US) | Nordstrom (US) | Hayden Harnett  (US) | Red Bull  (Austria) | Benetton (Italy) | FABI (Italy) | ZARA (Spain) | BOTH (China) | BAMPO (China) | JELLY AOMOS (China) among others. Our jobs varied from inventing the brand’s first product line, to particular design or production management assignments, to filling a longer term position in the company’s workflow.

Being fluent in fine nuances of modern design and on top of the latest market trends, we efficiently deliver great quality, luxury, yet affordable product.