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“Design is Cheap you Only Do it One Time”

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We are a design, development and production studio for fashion accessories, based between Bangkok, Guang Zhou, Hong  Kong. Started in New York by Cris Weer, a fashion professional from Munich, the company found a strong foothold with the modern and efficient production facilities in South East Asia. Fun, fresh, art-inspired, original, forward-thinking, approachable and most importantly, wearable.


“Don’t bring the accountants in, just spend the money.”

Modern Marketing's 14 Ps

We provide solutions in third party fashion accessories, handbag and shoe design, product development and production.

We can assume complete responsibility for a project from sketching, to sample making, sourcing, development, production, branding, advertising, marketing, online marketing, social media maintenance or handle a specific part of an accessories production process according to your needs.


I’m lookin’ for one new value. But nothing comes my way.

New Values

We pride ourselves on creating value enhancement for our clients through creative solutions, plus an intuitive entrepreneurial extension of design.

Fun, fresh, art-inspired, original, forward-thinking, approachable and most importantly, wearable. Cool and exciting, a lot of things with energy to the industry.

Trend Spotting

Do Change for a Living.


We pride ourselves on creating value enhancement for our clients through creative solutions, plus an intuitive entrepreneurial extension of design.

Fun, fresh, art-inspired, original, forward-thinking, approachable and most importantly, wearable. Cool and exciting, a lot of things with energy to the industry.


You must build a schedule. Every great brand is a consistent edifice. It stands for something. It does not give up. It shows up, it shows up, it shows up. Seth Godin

The Future of Retail

Combining editorial rigor with a refined sense of craftsmanship and agile intelligence, we create clarity and covetability for businesses and brands.


There are four-letter words you should never use in business. They’re not fuck or shit. They’re need, must, can’t, easy, just, only and fast. These words gets in the way of healthy communication” Jason Fried

Work Pretty

K.I.S.S. (A.C) Keep it Simple Stupid (and Creative)


“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery – celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” ― Jim Jarmusch
Get Emotional

# 2 The Robots

# 3 The Andy Warhol

David Byrne and Andy Warhol

# 12/ 13 WHY?

# 14 The Patsies

# 15 The Fat Punk Issue


N e w Y o r k  L o n d o n  M i l a n  P a r i s  2 0 1 8

Jan – Michael Quammie in a Raf Simmons Sweater and Andy Wolf Sunglasses, Prada Bag, New York


All that Glitters, Heavy Metal and Reflective:

At the age of global mingling, virtual time travel and style democracy, it’s appropriate to pay close attention to the world-wide migration of fashion trends. Fashion travels now better than ever and fashionistas follow inspiration way out of their reach. Jet-setters turn trend-setters and trade goes hip. Tribal echoes through fashion houses of Paris and cool Japanese kids wear American vintage.

WEER follow fashion to it’s sources and destinations, and follow travelers on their encounters with style. From luxury locations to production meccas, from craft legacies to street ingenuity, from boroughs to continents WEER will commute the modern silk routes.

It will expand the concept of fashion as an art-form; a product as well as involvement; an abandonment as well as insurgence; an irony of misinterpretation and a union of similarities. WEER will keep guard at the intersection of fashion trends, and important cultural cross-roads where we divide and come together.

How Bedeutungsschwanger Is It?

New York Fashion Week finally came to life Tuesday evening in the shadow of the valley of — well, not death exactly. More like a post-apocalyptic prairie seen through a B-movie lens. Toto, what happened to Kansas? Raf Simons buried it under 50,000 gallons of popcorn....

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Why Are Fashion Designers so Obsessed With America Right Now? Today, no matter where we come from, we’re all a bit American. Coca-Cola, Nike and Disney, blue denim, cowboys and roadside motels: these references are ingrained in the way people think, feel and consume...

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Make better Tacos or else, by Seth Godin. In a competitive business like the local taco shop, here's how it's supposed to work: Keep the place clean Hire friendly staff Make better tacos Offer a fun, connected, even memorable experience What often happens instead is...

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“From Gayle”

“It starts with a small pink seashell painting and ends with the total rejection of history. Throw a wink in there and you have the tone I’m after.” It’s precisely the pairing of overly pretty aesthetics with acute power plays with dominant art world authorities that...

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Nike’s Chief of Design Doodles All Day

You have a lot of loose bits of paper and sketches in this office. What do you like to draw? Sneakers, quick body sketches, architectural retail spaces. I’m dyslexic, so my first real language was drawing. Even at the youngest age I can recall, I wasn’t necessarily...

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Demna Gvasalia on Being a Fashion Disruptor

“If you force an idea, it’s never as strong as when you really love it. We never really planned to disrupt anything; we just sort of wanted to do it our way and I think that’s how—seeing it from the outside—it looked like we were trying to disrupt something. In a way,...

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The New Fashion Model

As part of SHOWstudio’s coverage of INNERSECT, Editor-at-Large Lou Stoppard hosted a Live Panel Discussion focusing on the importance of creative collaboration. Stoppard was joined by a selection of SHOWstudio favourites and industry experts; No Vacancy Inn’s Tremaine...

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Museums are the New Malls

“I see retail as a dead industry. There are billions and billions of acres of retail square footage across America, across the world, that have nothing." In the future she foresees, retail will move online, to be replaced in the physical world with experiences. The...

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New Values

One UNDERSTANDING BRANDING What is a brand? A brand is a promise It is not only a logo or brand name. Rather they are the visual cues to trigger that locus of emotions that the brand promises you. The brand promise are the emotional feelings and cravings that are...

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Amy Sherald

Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald have been commissioned to paint former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s official portraits for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Sherald, 44, specializes in portraits of black...

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For the last four weeks of the international Fashion Week marathon, we’ve been looking for a defining fashion moment. Was it Raf Simons’s Warhol-infused American horror story at Calvin Klein? Marc Jacobs’s souped-up, diva sportswear with turbans? Demna Gvasalia’s...

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Juggling The Streets and High Fashion. Kim Jones and Virgil Abloh in a SHOWstudio conversation with Lou Stoppard. https://youtu.be/ZmazmAHirCs

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I hope you’re Prada Yourself

We caught up with skater Blondey McCoy in the final days of his debut exhibition Us and Chem, as he chatted with art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist about mental health, social media, and grannies mistaking you for another kid. Skater and streetwear designer Blondey McCoy...

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Get In Line

The Cult of the Line and Weekly Drops. Shoppers standing in line to get into a Supreme store in Tokyo. For many, the lure is as often the wait as the wares. Andrew Faulk for The New York Times Theolus Jackson slouched against the stanchion separating him from the...

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PEOPLE ––– PROCESS —– PRODUCT The ‘Emotional Side’ of Management x Tom Peters At a recent seminar for a business school's executive program, I recounted some stories about workplace transformations. Each resulted from a dramatic increase in the involvement and self...

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“I am a Foreigner”

by HAMISH BOWLES It was a Chanel Haute Couture collection that was as finely engineered by Karl Lagerfeld and the skilled petites mains of the house’s legendary workrooms as the giant model of the Eiffel Tower that rose above the sand-and-gravel runway into a dry...

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Golden Baby

Thom Browne’s golden baby shoes sit center stage, encased in a glass vitrine. Each model will stare at the shoes as they walk past, Browne says. “It’s an homage to their childhood,” he explains. “They are really reminiscing on when they were in childhood — before...

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Aloha! À Bientôt!

Vogue Editors React to Paris’s Spring 2018 Menswear Shows   Four down, one to go, with Independence Day in between—New York’s menswear shows get underway on July 10. With the Paris shows still fresh in their minds, Vogue’s reviewers Sarah Mower, Luke Leitch, Amy...

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Louis Vuitton’s “SIGNS” of the Times

https://youtu.be/L1Fclc2T9vQ It’s interesting to contemplate what a fashion reveal is in these accelerating days of social media. Kim Jones teased his new collection on the company Instagram @louisvuitton and on his own @mrkimjones account for days before his show...

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The Coming of Robots and the End of the World

According to Prada Men's Wear Spring Summer 2018; the lonely, hollow ring accompanying the virtual noises ceaselessly sent into the ether, sounds without echoes: These were some of the unlikely themes linking a bunch of disparate designers here over the past week. And...

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Heels ‘R’ Us

Revealed: the Romanian site where Louis Vuitton makes its Italian shoes. All but the soles of the luxury brand’s footwear are made in Transylvania before being ‘finished’ in Italy and France Louis Vuitton’s Italian shoes are the very height of luxury. Its Venice...

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Stealing your Ideas

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” —HOWARD AIKEN, MATHEMATICIAN

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The Hardest Names In Fashion

i-D's playful take on pronunciation teaches you how to speak your international fashion alphabet, from Azzedine Alaïa (AH'ZE'DEEN AH'LAI'AH) in Paris to Zegna (ZEN'YA) in Milan. I am missing Louis Vuitton especially for my friends in the Far East. But you can always...

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A Tour Off-White

Virgil Abloh Gives a Tour of His New Hong Kong Store OFF-WHITE has just opened its fourth location in mainland China and its second store in Hong Kong. The Milan-based label has enjoyed quite the rise since its launch in 2013, and you can take an exclusive look inside...

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Frieze Frames

The creatures of the art and fashion worlds have been crossbreeding for so long now, it’s hard to tell them apart. But this year’s Frieze New York Art Fair underlined some differences in the presentation style of the two species. Fashion creatures always carefully...

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CDG at the MET

    For decades, at least since her Paris debut in 1981, Ms. Kawakubo has forged her own path, a durable antagonist of established norms and received wisdoms. Her line Commes des Garcons has gone into and out of favor over the years, but she has been at the forefront...

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Avantgarde for other people is when they step out to far. To me Avantgarde is the side of yourself, you are afraid to show. Pharrell Williams/ MET Gala, New York https://youtu.be/vrriuNHvrZE

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Knock Off!

How Fake Is It? Re-contextualized practical tote bag. Clocking in at $2,145.

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Accessories Design

We are a design, development and production studio for fashion accessories, based in South East Asia. Started in New York by two fashion professionals from Munich, the company found a strong foothold with the modern and efficient production facilities in Guangzhou. We...

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“I Think Trainer’s are Stupid”, Michael Stipe

Tux ‘n’ Trainers The New Museum hosted its 40th annual spring gala last week at Cipriani Wall Street in New York. The event honored artist Chris Ofili and had a “Tux ‘n’ Trainers” theme, requiring guests to pair their formal attire with sneakers. SURFACE showed up to...

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Jeff Koons x Louis Vuitton

Jeff Koons has teamed up with Louis Vuitton on a 51-piece series of leather goods, handbags, and accessories that reinterpret some of the world’s most famous artworks. the ‘masters’ collection is drawn from Koons’ 2015 ‘gazing ball’ series — where replicas of works by...

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Peter Saville

“When you come from one of the great cosmopolitan cities, like London, you do not have any motivation to change anything. Because it is all, really, already there.” Peter Saville, Art Director

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The Totes of New York

What cars are to the residents of Los Angeles, tote bags are to New Yorkers: a seemingly bottomless reservoir in which to store all the stuff you might (but probably won’t) need while away from home. Some totes are like shooting stars, passing by you once and then...

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How to Build a Great Online Fashion Brand

or 34 Digital Marketing Steps by I love Retail. Overview The Online Fashion Retail Industry, particularly at the luxury end, seems to be doing well. Over the past few years, lot of money has been invested into fashion retail businesses like Moda Operandi ($46...

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Hey B*tch I’m From Downtown

On March 22, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER’s “Boutique Ephémère” infuses a downtown Los Angeles twist to the West Hollywood landscape, through a bold graphic, musical and architectural installation by French LA-based artist Sébastien Léon, bringing a new sense of place to the...

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