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“Design is cheap you only do it one time”. Seth Godin

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We are a design, development and production studio for fashion accessories, based between Bangkok, Guang Zhou, Hong  Kong. Started in New York by Cris Weer, a fashion professional from Munich, the company found a strong foothold with the modern and efficient production facilities in South East Asia. Fun, fresh, art-inspired, original, forward-thinking, approachable and most importantly, wearable.


Don’t bring the accountants in, just spend the money. Seth Godin

Learn About the 14 Ps.

We provide solutions in third party fashion accessories, handbag and shoe design, product development and production.

We can assume complete responsibility for a project from sketching, to sample making, sourcing, development, production, branding, advertising, marketing, online marketing, social media maintenance or handle a specific part of an accessories production process according to your needs.


Do Change for a Living.

Got Style? Need Branding?

We pride ourselves on creating value enhancement for our clients through creative solutions, plus an intuitive entrepreneurial extension of design.

Fun, fresh, art-inspired, original, forward-thinking, approachable and most importantly, wearable. Cool and exciting, a lot of things with energy to the industry.

Trend Spotting

Do Change for a Living.


We pride ourselves on creating value enhancement for our clients through creative solutions, plus an intuitive entrepreneurial extension of design.

Fun, fresh, art-inspired, original, forward-thinking, approachable and most importantly, wearable. Cool and exciting, a lot of things with energy to the industry.


You must build a schedule. Every great brand is a consistent edifice. It stands for something. It does not give up. It shows up, it shows up, it shows up. Seth Godin

The Future of Retail

Combining editorial rigor with a refined sense of craftsmanship and agile intelligence, we create clarity and covetability for businesses and brands.


There are four-letter words you should never use in business. They’re not fuck or shit. They’re need, must, can’t, easy, just, only and fast. These words gets in the way of healthy communication” Jason Fried

Work Pretty

K.I.S.S. (A.C) Keep it Simple Stupid (and Creative)


“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery – celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” ― Jim Jarmusch
Hide Your Sources

# 2 The Robots

# 3 The Andy Warhol

David Byrne and Andy Warhol

# 12/ 13 WHY?

# 14 The Patsies

# 15 The Fat Punk Issue


N e w Y o r k  L o n d o n  M i l a n  P a r i s  2 0 1 8

Jan – Michael Quammie in a Raf Simmons Sweater and Andy Wolf Sunglasses, Prada Bag, New York


All that Glitters, Heavy Metal and Reflective:

At the age of global mingling, virtual time travel and style democracy, it’s appropriate to pay close attention to the world-wide migration of fashion trends. Fashion travels now better than ever and fashionistas follow inspiration way out of their reach. Jet-setters turn trend-setters and trade goes hip. Tribal echoes through fashion houses of Paris and cool Japanese kids wear American vintage.

WEER follow fashion to it’s sources and destinations, and follow travelers on their encounters with style. From luxury locations to production meccas, from craft legacies to street ingenuity, from boroughs to continents WEER will commute the modern silk routes.

It will expand the concept of fashion as an art-form; a product as well as involvement; an abandonment as well as insurgence; an irony of misinterpretation and a union of similarities. WEER will keep guard at the intersection of fashion trends, and important cultural cross-roads where we divide and come together.

Jim Jarmush

"I believe it is theft! If you take somebody's idea before they've realized it and say it was your own, then you're just a full-on asshole." But, "if you take something that moved you and you make it another version, that's just beautiful. I think that's just the...

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Freedom! ’90 x Vogue

George Michael's: Freedom!’90 defined the supermodel moment on video. Cindy, Christy, Linda, Naomi, and Tatjana. This season, as New York designers underwent some soul-searching and rule-breaking of their own, the time...

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Y Back in SL

Cathy Horn is looking back: "Slimane’s strength was never as a couturier. It was, rather, to anticipate that young people didn’t want to dress like luxury freaks, that they were a little embarrassed by the generation of Tom Ford and John Galliano, just as Saint...

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Grace is Legandary

Tiffany presents “Some Style is Legendary,” a short film capturing the making of the fall 2016 campaign. Cutler, director of "The September Issue", casts an eye upon the rarely seen side of Vogue’s legendary creative director-at-large, Grace Coddington. The...

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Quite interestingly, Donatella Versace revealed in a side revelation today that she is already over see-now-buy-now. “I tried it with Versus four years ago. And I don’t know, pfft!” she said, raising her tanned shoulders in a shrug. “It’s better to keep refreshing...

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Appropriateness of Appropriation

Alexander Fury is becoming my favorite fashion writer. Here he takes on appropiation of cultures for designer's collections. What is inspiration and when are you crossing the lines? And how did the sensitivity changed throughout the past decades: Despite the fashion...

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Vintage Fashion Illustrations in London

“A lot of people think that fashion illustration is something that died circa 1930, when photography came in — but that’s absolutely not true,” says Connie Gray, curator of “Drawing on Style,” an exhibition running during this London Fashion Week. “They ran very much...

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Athletic Gear Has Influenced Everything

Alexander Wang’s new Adidas collaboration for spring 2017. (Kate Warren for The Washington Post) NEW YORK — The track pants, T-shirts and jackets are basic black, which doesn’t sound all that interesting, but the color manages to give it all a sleeker look so that it...

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The Extraordinary Process

In “The Extraordinary Process,” nine designers — Patrik Schumacher, Ms. Hadid’s partner at Zaha Hadid Architects; Peter Do; Phoebe English; Iris van Herpen; Stephen Jones; Krystyna Kozhoma; Nasir Mazhar; Minimaforms and XO — consider how fashion and design are...

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The World Nouveau

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have created this fragrance for a Kenzo woman who is free, strong and bold, and whose energy is translated in the advertising spot directed by Spike Jonze. Mixing choreography and performance, the clip follows...

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The Best Fall Campaigns

As September fast approaches, designers are unveiling the newest big-budget imagery and high-profile stars in support of their fall 2016...

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The Fashion System Fix

5 Industry Insiders Tell how to Fix the Biz. Fashion is broken from the inside out, and like an ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, the industry keeps revisiting the many problems inherent in the ready-to-wear system, looking for an answer seemingly just beyond...

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Horses Horses Horses Horses Horses Horses Horses

Design Meeting with 邱光平 in Chengdu. Do you know how to pony like bony maroney Do you know how to twist, well it goes like this, it goes like this Baby mash potato, do the alligator, do the alligator And you twist the twister like your baby sister I want your baby...

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Sneaker Brutal

The big, blunt lines of brutalism are dominating modern design. And now in everyday life, we find ourselves being gravitationally attracted to the presence of weight and bulk. This can be seen in our increasingly modular cars, that look forced rather than sculpted...

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High Status Symbol

“When you wear high heels, you can’t go for a stroll,” he continued, using the Chinese term “sanbu,” considered an essential part of healthy living here. “You need a car. When you don’t have a car, you can’t wear high...

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Digitally Native Vertical brands

What’s a DNVB? Only the future Digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) are up next in commerce A digitally-native vertical brand meets four criteria: It’s primary means of interacting, transacting, and story-telling to consumers is via the web. In almost all cases...

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https://youtu.be/uKjK9VKQSRE Inspired by the videos of Andy Warhol, the SSENSE “Screen Test” series is a way to evaluate the camera-readiness of our products. For this season, SSENSE has invited photographer Rebecca Storm to create a series of Screen Tests inspired by...

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Reshaping the Retail Landscape

A new slate of companies that are exploring novel ways of making and marketing some of the most lucrative products we buy today. These firms have become so common that they have acquired a jargony label: the digitally native vertical...

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Live and Retail in L.A.

According to Balenciaga's Demna Gvasalia. Not so long ago, Demna Gvasalia found himself at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, which looks like part of the yawning, gargantuan Warner Bros. lot was transported, hurricane-in-Kansas-direct-to-Oz style, from Hollywood; the...

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Rolling Stones INC.

Creativity, success, reinvention according to the Rolling Stones by James Altucher. Mick Jagger fooled around with Keith Richards’ girlfriend. I wouldn’t be able to work with someone after that. But maybe that’s why I’m an author. And not a rockstar. The Rolling...

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“The creative director role, as we knew it in the past, changed,” Mr. Flore said. “The market changed, the consumer changed, and necessarily we changed. I don’t think ‘trained designer’ or ‘not designer’ is necessarily relevant any longer in our industry, at least for...

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Foot Fighters

Our shoes are beautifully crafted in Spain and thoughtfully designed in New York City, using the highest quality materials made from knowing, experienced hands. Our designs are timeless yet current, classic yet contemporary. As we strive to make the best shoes, we aim...

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Top of Class 2017

The Bold Shoulder \\ Beach Baes \\ Pack Men \\ High Waters Rund Deep \\ Army Strong \\ Sheer Ambitions \\ Spots On \\ Parkas for Recreation \\ All Tied Up And Nowher to go \\ Stripe Dreams \\ And it Was All Yellow \\ Totally Waisted \\ Onesie Upon a Time \\ A Bigger...

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Fashion Communication

  Fashion Communication Traction Verticals Given that the first inflection point is unpredictable, it makes sense to consider all traction "verticals" in the pursuit of your product/market fit. Here's a list I hope to make exhaustive over time (by updating this...

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The Future of Fashion

  The Future of the Fashion Show: Adrian Joffe When Comme des Garçons held its once-every-three-years Super-Market-Market sale in a westside warehouse space last month, shoppers lined up by the hundreds (celebs included), street style photographers descended,...

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Panda goes Downtown New York

We know you will probably never wear a bikini on Wall Street or accompany rap star Desiigner on a romp around Manhattan in a Baywatch maillot, Perspex jewelry, and bright white heels. But then again, if you were feeling simply irresistible (à la Robert Palmer) and the...

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I am engaged in the creation of artificial arrangements that would bring out the real emotions. Whether publishing a pop-culture magazine in my early twenties in Munich, shooting fashion internationally later on, or designing and producing fashion accessories in New...

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In the Army Now

Thom Brown's army: from left the models Janice Alida, Grace Bol, Sarah Abney and Drake Burnett. At the FDA Fashion Awards New York.

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Mixing and matching is in her book. Innate fashion sense made her famous in Japan; now she’s gearing up to take her talents and brand stateside. Meet Rola, the Japanese-Russian-Bengali model/television...

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Creative Process according to Gaia Repossi

Gaia Repossi is the daughter of the master jeweler Alberto Repossi. Gaia was appointed creative director and designer of all Repossi collections, turning the label into the most wanted fine jewelry brand of the moment and casually earning her master’s in archaeology...

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The High and Low Tech of Fashion

"Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology", which opens publicly at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, takes a broader view of the interplay between technology and fashion, at a time when tech companies are marketing their...

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How Did You Do That?

Justin Bieber, Diplo and Skrillex make "Where Are Ü Now?". A short, sweet doc about there creative process. Skrillex: "People still think you have no talent when you make computer music, it shows how young the genre still is. It will be relevant...

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